Peacefully and gracefully moving past the flu…

One fail-proof (for me) way to avoid, or move past, the flu settling in to your body is a lemon bath. Keep reading to learn more about how to do one at home.

You’ll need:
A bath tub
6 lemons cut in halves
Two large towels
A cup of your favorite hot tea with lemon and honey added.

Draw a bath with hot water, as hot as you can stand it. While it is filling up, prepare your hot tea and set it next to the tub. Begin rubbing the cut lemons all over your body, from the neck down, and then slip in to the tub. While you’re there, sip your tea and relax. Stay in the tub until you begin to sweat and you are no longer comfortable. Grab the towels, and wrap them around you, snuggle in to bed and rest until your body temp returns to normal. Once it has, shower off and rest.

Also, be sure to load up on good probiotics. They are like “ethical stomach real estate moguls,” and viruses and bad bacteria are the “un-ethical, scoundrel stomach real estate moguls.” Let the good bacteria, the probiotics get in the stomach and claim all the real estate first. That way, there’s nothing left for the bad guys, and they’ll just move on to the next town.

Silly? Yes. But these silly tips combined with good nutrition, exercise and rest, will put you in far less danger of being down and out through the winter months.



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